We post solutions to each puzzle here the week after they are printed. A print quality PDF of each week's puzzle is attached to each week's puzzle edition.

Puzzle: April 23, 2014


There is only one puzzle this week, a Word Jumble featuring all things "April." That's not because I've gotten lazy, but because there was no room in the print edition for the Logic Puzzle, which features four of our townships... something to look forward to next week! As always, I've attached a PDF if you want a printable version to solve.

Solutions to April 9 Puzzles


Here's the solutions to the April 9 Puzzles, in which we "waded" into fishy waters and enjoyed a great 19th century quote that coronates the "prince" of fishes.

Puzzles: April 16, 2014


This week our jumbled words will help you "branch out" your knowledge of Catskill forests and our logic puzzle features the reservoirs in our area — it has an easy solving level to help those of you who've never tried one before. As always, we've attached a PDF file you can print out for easier solving.

Solutions to April 2 Puzzles


This week's puzzles celebrated outdoor spring activities (maybe a little prematurely) and the six restored fire towers in our region, which all make excellent hikes and afford amazing views to those sans vertigo! Happy solving! Need more tips or have questions? Email me at graphics@catskillmountainnews.com!

Puzzles for April 9, 2014


This week's puzzles are mighty fishy! A word jumble tests your knowledge of fishing terms; and our encrypted quote this week is high praise for the celebrity of opening day. As always, there are hints on the classified page, and a PDF version of the puzzles is attached here if you would like to print them out.