"Trucking" with Santa

FIREHOUSE CHRISTMAS FUN —Over 100 kids brought their parents to visit Santa at the Roxbury Firehouse on Saturday including Trevor, Derek, and Jordan Fronckowiak.  Photos were taken by Catskill Images and refreshments were abundant. Fire Chief Allen Hinkley was so impressed with the turnout that he decided to make it an annual event. Planning for next year is already in the works. — Photo by Jill Ribich, Catskill Images

Sue Adams, Lee Austin to be honored at Harvest Moon Ball

Margaretville — Sue Adams and Lee Austin will be honored as the 2011 Keene Roadman Citizens of the Year at the Harvest Moon Ball on October 15 at Hanah Mountain Resort and Country Club in Margaretville.

The 16th annual event, sponsored by the Auxiliary of Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center, will also celebrate the 80th anniversary of the hospital and the 45th year of the Auxiliary.

Both Mrs. Adams and Mr. Austin served most recent terms as president of the Auxiliary and, under their leadership, the organization grew and oversubscribed its goals.

Massive water leak draining Phoenicia

By Jay Braman Jr.
There is a massive leak somewhere in the Phoenicia water system and so far no one has been able to find it.

That was the word from Alfred Peavy Monday night, when he addressed the Shandaken Town Board on the matter.

Peavy, the chairman of the Phoenicia Water Board, said they are bringing in help today, Wednesday, Aug. 3 to locate the problem.

And help could not come a moment too soon.

“We’re working on trying to figure out where the missing water is going,” Peavy said. “We’re apparently losing 60 percent of what we pump.”

Arkville water project to break ground

Staff report
Work is expected to get underway this week on an upgrade to the Arkville Water District.
Hubbell Inc. of Margaretville was the winning bidder for the water main construction and will be starting this phase of the project.

One phase of the project involves replacing deteriorating water distribution mains along Route 28 and eliminating two dead-ends in the distribution system to improve efficiency.

MARK Director named to Regional Economic Development Council

By Pauline Liu
In a staggering admission that the state’s economic development strategies have failed, Governor Andrew Cuomo and his administration have gone back to the drawing board and created 10 Regional Economic Development Councils to stimulate growth and create jobs statewide.
The plan was unveiled last Wednesday and the councils will begin holding their inaugural meetings later this week.

More vandalism, arson in Millbrook

By Pauline Liu
The outhouse that was burned at the Kelly Hollow Trailhead in Middletown several weeks ago was not an isolated incident, according to Middletown Supervisor Len Utter. 

The supervisor is an assistant chief of the Arena Fire Department, which responded to two other recent incidents of apparent arson no more than 100 yards from the site of the outhouse fire. In each case, the blazes were still burning when the fire department arrived on the scene.

Chichester, Lanesville among post offices targeted for closure

By Jay Braman Jr.
The federal government appears to be making good on its long-held plans to close thousands of rural post offices.

Several years ago it was announced that the postmaster general was taking a long hard look at the mail and how much it costs to deliver. In an effort to cut costs, post offices with low traffic and revenue would be shuttered.

A list of post offices that are on the chopping block has been made public and two offices slated for closure are in the Town of Shandaken in Ulster County.

Weddings big business in the Catskills

By Jennifer Kabat
This weekend someone will be getting married in Roxbury. It doesn’t matter which weekend it is, but the odds are that if it’s summer and a weekend, a wedding is underway. Roxbury's Wedding BarnRoxbury's Wedding BarnOver the past few years the Catskills have become a popular location for nuptials. The trend coincides with the rise of community supported agriculture box buying, locavore eating, farm to table and back to the landers. It’s the staycation meets the destination wedding because it’s so easy to get here, and the Western Catskills tick all the above boxes.  And, the most popular location? A barn. Not just any barn either.

Reunions for Margaretville and Andes bring alumni back to area

By Pauline Liu
If Arkville and Andes looked busier than usual this past weekend, that’s probably because each community played host to a school reunion, which brought about 100 alumni back to the area.

East Branch access project flows to completion

By Pauline Liu
An intensive three-year study aimed at improving recreational access to the East Branch of the Delaware River should be completed by this autumn.

That news was shared by Carol O’Beirne, executive director of the Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce, who is helping to spearhead the effort.

According to O’Beirne, before the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) provided the $55,000 grant for the project in February, the research was already well underway.

Miller, Moskowitz in Middletown Supervisor race

Staff report
A new candidate has entered the Town of Middletown supervisor’s race and another potential entrant said he is not running.

Arkville resident Marjorie Miller issued a statement that she will be an Independent candidate for the Middletown supervisor’s position this fall.

Margaretville Mayor Bill Stanton, who told the News last week that he had been contemplating running for Middletown supervisor, said he has reconsidered and will not enter the race.

“I’ve thought a lot about running, but I’ve decided to stay where I am,” said Mayor Stanton.

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