Zoning change would pave way for Magaretville Family Dollar

By Brian Sweeney
A Family Dollar store is set to open in Margaretville in July, if a zoning change is approved by village officials. The Village of Margaretville is considering a zoning amendment that would pave the way for new businesses to set up shop in the community.

As currently written, village zoning law prohibits new retail buildings to be constructed within village limits. Businesses can occupy spaces already set up for retail use, but new buildings for retail space are prohibited. A public hearing on a zoning change to allow new retail construction is set for February 4.
If the zoning change occurs, independent developer Larry Tillack anticipates beginning construction on the new store April 1.

Mr. Tillack, who is based in Canandaigua, said his company hopes to build an 8,000-square-foot Family Dollar store on the parcel adjacent to the Margaretville Post Office. The developer said there are 6,200 Family Dollar stores in 44 states across the country. He explained that the publicly-traded company carries products costing from $1 to about $45.
“The stores are basically a mirror-image of the old Woolworth stores,” Mr. Tillack commented.

Family Dollar stores are mini department stores that carry a large variety of goods —including health and beauty aids, food, candy, pet supplies, cleaning aids, clothing, hardware and paint. Mr. Tillack said that Family Dollar has recently started a cooler program,” selling items like cold cuts, bread and milk, but does not offer prepared foods. The store won’t sell alcohol or tobacco products.

“We target markets that Wal-Mart would not come into because they are too small,” Mr. Tillack pointed out. He indicated that the company explores these smaller markets with a demographic study. “We felt that it was good downtown location,” he stated.

Work was started last week to clear a number of trees from site of the proposed store. Mr. Tillack said his crew expects to begin demolition of an abandoned house on the property this week. If site preparation is complete and the zoning change is approved, construction would commence on April 1 with a grand opening planned for July 1.

Mr. Tillack said the store will be built to meet any guidelines recommended by local planners. He noted that the store will probably be similar in appearance to a Family Dollar store built last summer in Stamford.
The developer said he began working on the permitting process for the store about a year ago. To mitigate potential high water issues, the floor of the one-story building must be constructed two feet above the flood plain.