Cat in the Hat party planned at Andes Central School March 1


Andes — That most famous of cats, the Cat in the Hat, was overheard in Andes Central School talking to the Gack about the Dr. Seuss Birthday Party to be held on Saturday, March 1. 
“The plans are set,” he was heard to say. “It will be a Seuss wonderful, funderful day. From 10 in the morning till 2 afternoon, kids aged 4-10 can come snickel and zoon. There will be games, crafts, and prizes, some surprises too, and celebrities who will read stories to you. It will cost one dollar per child to enter and play. Parents are free 'cause we want them to stay. We will have food that you find in Seuss stories and books, like hot dogs and popcorn and zoot roasted snooks. Those who live in the towns around here who can cook should bring us a cake with a Seuss kind of look. Bring a cake that’s inspired by Horton or Sam.” 
Said the Gack, “You mean shaped like green eggs and ham?”
The Cat nodded “yes” and explained what he’d do with the cakes, even those shaped like Cindy Lou Who. “We will judge all the cakes in a Seuss judging way and then award prizes. What they are I won’t say. Then we’ll top them with candles. We’ll sing and we’ll shout. Then we’ll all take a deep breath and blow them all out.”
“But why have such a party?” said the Gack, “Why the fuss? Why have kids come to Andes by snarf or by bus? Why have them come here from towns far and towns near? Is there a message you want kids and their parents to hear?” 
Said the Cat with the biggest cat smile and purr, “I do have a message and here it is sir: Reading is so very important. The research is clear. I want kids to read every day of the year!”
The Dr. Seuss birthday party, March 1, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Andes Central School is sponsored by the Andes Central School PTSA.‚ÄÇThis event is designed for children ages 4 through 10, though all are welcome.‚ÄÇAdmission is $1 per child.‚ÄÇFor additional information, please call 845 676-4853.