Life On Regal-Hill by Gail Hillriegel

Life on Regal-Hill by Gail Hillriegel is a weekly column about the many aspects of life on a farm, including care of animals, working the land, and gardening. Recipes are shared for readers’ cooking enjoyment.

Life on Regal-Hill: Dec. 10, 2008

As we continue preparations for the Christmas season it makes it more enjoyable to play Christmas music as one works here at Regal-Hill.
Special music gets one in the Christmas spirit and makes working hard at preparations so much easier to do. It is like when you are shopping and there is Christmas music playing, it puts you in the mood for shopping for Christmas gifts. So listening to music as you work at home continues to put one in the holiday spirit even if you are doing the usual household chores around the house.

Life on Regal-Hill: Dec. 3, 2008

Probably the least favorite chore I need to do as I prepare for Christmas here at Regal-Hill is shopping for gifts. The problem is ideas and I prefer that it is something that is useful.
Now that Allegra has a horse I may think of something Thunder needs and thus save her from buying it for him. Well, so much for that; when I checked, a blanket had just been ordered on-line. Maybe that is all right since it is snowing quite a bit as I write this, and Thunder really needs it now so I wouldn’t want to wait until Christmas to get it.

Life on Regal-Hill: Nov. 19, 2008

It is rather chilly here at Regal-Hill today. One can tell Thanksgiving Day is almost here. Being that is so late this year there won’t be as many days to get ready for Christmas. Apparently this hasn’t stopped many stores from getting decorated and stocked for the Christmas season way before Thanksgiving.

Life on Regal-Hill: Nov. 12, 2008

About a week ago Yellow returned to Regal-Hill. Yellow is a big, yellow shorthaired tomcat that was born and grew up here and then left. We never thought we would see him again. Everyone was so happy when he came back. He has the best purr and loving, happy disposition of any cat I have known.

Life on Regal-Hill: Nov. 5, 2008

Winter has started early here at Regal-Hill. We have 8-10 inches of heavy, wet snow and the power has been off several times already, making it even worse.
It all started Saturday night when we got heavy rain and wind causing the power to go off.