Hook, Line and Sinker by Judy Van Put

Hook, Line and Sinker is a (seasonal) weekly column by Judy Van Put that provides information on local fishing conditions and activities, primarily focusing on the trout fisheries of Pepacton Reservoir and nearby streams and rivers./p>

Hook, Line and Sinker: September 25, 2012

The second half of September can bring good fishing, given enough water in our rivers and streams. With the trees just beginning to preview the colorful fall foliage to come, and a cold snap in the air, it’s a great time to be out of doors. This year, however, has brought unusual weather conditions, in that we started with a drought, had some early summer rain, several days of thunderstorms and showers, and then receded back to a drought.

Hook, Line and Sinker: August 1, 2012

Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville reported that trout fishermen on the Pepacton Reservoir have been seeing better numbers of fish, and that the fish are starting to look a little bit heavier; “fairly healthy, not fat, but a little bit better,” he said.

Hook, Line and Sinker: July 25, 2012

The last week has brought us showers and thunderstorms, with some much-needed rain. Our vegetable garden shot up appreciatively and lawns looked somewhat less parched. However, even the three inches of rain that fell last Sunday and additional inch or two this past week didn’t seem to do much as far as bringing up the water level in the Beaverkill and other free-flowing streams.

Hook, Line and Sinker: July 18, 2012

Weather extremes over this past week brought area rivers to dangerously low levels and then back to a more normal flow, thanks to heavy thunderstorms and driving rains on Sunday afternoon.
The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at 195 cubic feet per second at about 5 a.m. Tuesday. This is above the average flow of 149 cfs over 98 years of record keeping. The highest flow recorded on this date was 2,250 in 2000; the lowest recorded flow was just 43 cfs back in 1965.

Hook, Line and Sinker: July 11, 2012

Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store in Downsville reported that the trout in Pepacton Reservoir are starting to ‘fatten up’ and that good numbers of trout are being caught, but many are still thin. The trout are starting to come up toward the surface but most fish are being seen at from 28- to 30-feet down.