Here's the Scoop by Brian Sweeney

Brian Sweeney has been the author of “Here’s the Scoop” for more than 20 years. The column usually deals with the lighter side of life and the writer has been known to mix a bit of fiction in with the facts. Brian has received six awards for his column in the annual New York Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

Here's the Scoop: October 29, 2014

Personal shopping list
Some chores in life provide certain advantages. For instance, volunteering to do the dishes for someone who has been hard at work mixing up cookie dough will almost certainly result in the “reward” of getting to lick the batter from the bowl. Who needs baking?

Here's The Scoop: October 22, 2014

Orange you glad it’s Halloween
Despite the lack of leaves on trees and a tendency toward “grayness,” there are a few bright spots this time of year. Orange, to be exact.
I love pumpkins. They look cool sitting on porches and adorning fence posts. Pumpkins also taste great all ground up as a primary pie ingredient. Pumpkins are fun to grow, as well. That last point is up to debate.

Here's the Scoop: October 15, 2014

Never too early
Each year, the drama builds. I wait as long as possible — delaying the inevitable.
In all honesty, the first fire of the year usually occurs much earlier than it did this season. That’s kind of odd, since I was tempted to “take the chill off” the house about half the nights during the summer. Since fall rolled around, my thinking is a bit different.

Here's the Scoop: October 8, 2014

Just an inkling
I’m not afraid to admit that I’m not always the fastest when it comes to trendiness. In fact, I often miss a trend completely and have to rely on others to let me know that a trend had occurred. In the long run, I’m guessing this saves me money, because it’s often hard to keep pace with the world.
One trend that I do know about is tattoos. Everybody has them. Somewhere. Even if some of those tattooed places have access that is, rightfully, limited.

Here's the Scoop: October 1, 2014

Along for the ride
It’s pretty common for people to take their dogs just about anywhere these days. Dogs are often seen at offices, out jogging with their owners and riding along in vehicles. When vacation time rolls around, the family canine(s) is often in on the action.
Cats, on the other hand, are not normally looked upon as such constant companions. Our cat (readers with good memories will already know her as Holly) is a bit different. Some would say she’s spoiled. Others might call her “dog-like” in her willingness to always be in the middle of the action. Or, maybe she just enjoys having her head scratched.