Gardening Tips by Bob Beyfuss

"Gardening Tips" is a column about all things flora written by Bob Beyfuss of the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Gardening Tips: February 12, 2013

Snow, Snow and More Snow!
Another blizzard has descended upon much of the Northeastern United States with perhaps a foot or more snow predicted locally and the prospects of a third storm coming this weekend. Most residents of the Catskill Mountain/Hudson Valley region are pretty experienced at dealing with winter but February is a trying month by itself and this weather only makes things seem worse.

Gardening Tips: February 5, 2013

Ground Hog Day
Last Sunday was the Super Bowl, which has become a huge American viewing tradition over the past 40 years or so. In most of the world “football” means soccer and soccer is the world’s most popular sport by far. Nevertheless, close to 150 million people watched the game and it has become a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving in term of economic impact. Of course all this hoopla overshadowed the other big event on February 2, which was Ground Hog Day!

Gardening Tips: January 29, 2013

Salt Alternatives for the Homeowner
It is minus eight degrees with the wind-chill at minus 25 as I write this from my chilly, (53 degree) living room on January 22. I have to drive to Walton today and I will be wary of any “wet” spots on the highway, since they will surely be black ice. Thank goodness for road salt!

Gardening Tips: January 22, 2013

Thinking Green
It’s mid-January and I just got my first seed catalogue in the mail. In years past I would have had half a dozen or more by now, but thankfully, these businesses can take a hint when you don’t buy from them for several years. I wish the credit card solicitors would take the same hint! This catalogue is from Burgess, a seed company in Bloomington IL. I love to read the descriptions of the flowers and vegetables offered each season, but by now I have learned that pretty pictures do not always portray reality for the average person.

Gardening Tips: January 15, 2013

After almost two months of living in the Sunshine State I recently returning to the frozen northeast for perhaps six or eight weeks. I picked a tough time to travel as the recent Arctic blast has made traveling a risky business. I quickly found out that pumping gas in Florida short sleeves is no fun when the temperature is near zero. I really wish that more gas stations would allow the gas pump handle to click on automatic so I could sit in the car while the tank is filling.