Gardening Tips by Bob Beyfuss

"Gardening Tips" is a column about all things flora written by Bob Beyfuss of the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Gardening Tips: October 5, 2011

It is raining as I write this column, an all too common occurrence since August 28 when Irene arrived. All told, I have measured more than 25 inches of rain at my home since that fateful day that changed the landscape of our region. The clean-up efforts will continue for years and the side effects of all this rain are being felt right now as we deal with an explosion of mosquitoes.

Gardening Tips: August 17, 2011

Permaculture Part 1
Imagine not having to ever buy herbs, vegetables or fruit for your family, yet still being able to enjoy a tasty and healthy diet. In some parts of the world, such as some tropical islands in the Pacific, nature provides most of the food for free, without even having to till the soil or plant seeds, weed, fertilize and perform all the other tasks associated with food production. While such a scenario is appealing to many of us, few will ever get to actually experience it.

Gardening Tips: July 27, 2011

Hot Gardening

Gardening Tips: July 13, 2011

How to Mow

Gardening Tips: June 15, 2011

Summer Flowering Trees
We are very lucky to enjoy such a great assortment of spring flowering trees ranging from the early blooming Shadblow and Cherries (Amelanchier sp. and Prunus sp.) to mid-spring redbud and Bradford Pear (Cercis sp and Pyrus sp.) to the multitude of crabapples (Malus sp) and finally the dogwoods (Cornus). The only problem is that by the first week of June the party is just about over!