Your help is needed


To The Editor:
Each year, our Community Christmas Project reaches out to brighten Christmas for many area residents. Last year, food baskets were delivered to 151 families affecting 550 of your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Homemade breads were delivered to 41 people who were recently bereaved. Margaretville Central School elementary children made cards that were mailed with gift certificates to 80 area residents who live alone. Toys, mittens, and other gifts were wrapped and given to 235 children.

It has been our purpose to act as an umbrella organization soliciting donations of time, energy, gifts, and money from organizations and groups. We are truly grateful for the generous response from our community. Every year, more groups and individuals become involved with the project.
In light of the hard economic times upon us, your help is truly needed to continue the work done by this community project.
Please mail checks or cash donations to: Community Christmas Project, PO Box 58, Margaretville, NY 12455. Thank you.

Teresa Goodchild and Rebecca Miller,