Writers in the Mountains host workshops about writing your own story

Writers in the Mountains (WIM) announces its popular six-week workshop The Significance of Story: Threads of Revelation with Carol Little at the Andes Public Library, Mondays, 6 to 8 p.m., from April 7 to May 12.
Says Little, “Every person’s story is unique, no matter what shared experiences we have had.  We are changed and shaped by what we experience—by our choices, our circumstances, and by things that simply happen as we maneuver through life. Stories have personal meaning, turning points and markers.
As we remember and write, or write and remember, we bring together parts of ourselves that may have been scattered, hidden or distorted. We gain a deeper understanding for the truth of our lives, and often a greater appreciation for our own journey.”
This class is open to anyone interested in writing about their life. No prior writing experience is required. It all starts with a word, an image, or a sentence, and a willingness to discover.
Carol Little, a long time member of WIM, has extensive experience working with groups, and with the use of writing for personal expression. She is a psychotherapist in private practice.
To register, visit writersinthemountains.org, go to Register Online page, and fill in the registration form, or write to writersinthemountains@gmail.com. To benefit from the early registration fee of $60, register and pay by March 17. Class fee is $75 after that.