Writers in the Mountains Gala reading at RAG July 6

Writers in the Mountains (WIM) will hold a reading of work from recent classes in The Hilt Kelly Hall of The Roxbury Arts Group on Sunday, July 6 from 2-4 p.m. There will be short readings and an abundance of food and drinks. Admission is $10. A bound volume of the works included in the program will be available for sale as well.
Barbara Apoian, member of the WIM Board of Directors and chief organizer of the event says, “It’s extraordinary how people respond to the perhaps unexpectedly high quality of the writing that comes out of the WIM classes. This is always a festive opportunity for our writers to share their work with friends, families and the community at large.”
Pieces read will range from personal essays through fiction and poetry. The plan is to have the writers share short samplings of longer pieces, which can be read in their entirety in the bound volume. The readers will include Mina Zikel, Ali Zeminksky, Ann Morris, Ev Ellsworth, Barbara Apoian, Doris Kanter, Brenda Reeser, Marleen Gagnon, Jody Primoff and others. The reception will also provide an opportunity for those who are interested in WIM programs to find out more about the organization, which provides a wide variety of writing classes and presents occasional speakers on the art of writing. For more information, 607 326-7908.