Writer was in a hurry


 To The Editor:
Mr. Moskowitz’ recent article about the “multi-cultural scene” in Fleischmanns seems to be all about the money.  What he has to say about the Hasidic community and that “their money is the same color green as everyone else’s” is a poor focus for a rich subject.

Mr. Moskowitz strolled into Zoom Gallery promising to do a story about the Hassidim in Fleischmanns, including Zoom Gallery in his story.  After a few minutes of talking with me he went on his way and I assumed that he was going to come back at another time to discuss the topic at length.  He did not.

Instead, he went on to write his story in a hurry.  When he states that Zoom Gallery openly courts their business, he omitted my reasons for displaying and selling a few items such greeting cards, books or access to Wi-Fi which may interest the Hasidim and other visitors to Fleischmanns.  We do this not for the small change, but our purpose is to bring people to the door of the gallery and ideally inside, to provide an opportunity to view and enjoy art that they might not ordinarily see.

Further, we at Zoom Gallery enjoy some of the conversations with our Hasidic guests.  I am often surprised to learn something of value from the Hasidic point of view, and also that there are individuals in that community who are interested in the outside world to different degrees.  Perhaps Mr. Moskowitz would have found that out if he had attempted to interview any Hasidic people, but he did not report doing so.

Mr. Moskowitz also spelled my name wrong—it is Gloria Zola-Mulloy.  Thank you for printing this letter.

Gloria Zola-Mulloy,