Working together pays dividends


To The Editor:
Congratulations to Margaretville Telephone Company and Glen Faulkner for their plans to expand broadband access in our community. The plans are a very good first step.

The purpose of this letter is to urge all concerned to extend the expansion to all parts of the service area. Living in the New Kingston Valley, we are about three miles away from fiber-optic service. Upgrading the whole service area would be a win-win-win. It would create more jobs. It would give our children access to 21st century technology in their studies. It would also raise property values as those looking for second homes want to be able to tele-commute.

Let’s all ask the Catskill Watershed Corporation and our elected officials to find the resources for this expansion. I call on Senator Bonacic and Assemblyman Cahill to ask the governor for monies from his community development fund to be given this area.

I also call on Congressman Chris Gibson, who has done very little for our community, to advocate for federal money for this project. Working together, we should be able to make this happen.

Richard A. Siegel,
New Kingston