Work underway for Arkville backup well

By Joe Moskowitz
Work is now underway on the final phase of the new water system for the hamlet of Arkville. The pump house at the old well on Pavilion Road was torn down recently and the site is being prepared for a new pump house.

For years the Pavilion Road well was the only source of water for the Arkville Water District. It is currently not being used as it was replaced by a state-of-the-art well and filtration and treatment facility off Franks Street. When the work is complete in a couple of months, the Pavilion Road well will be used as a backup, but it too will be a state-of-the-art facility.

High-tech communication
Water Commissioner Terry Johnson says the Pavilion Road plant will be able to electronically communicate with the main station by radio. In case of flooding, or if any other emergency prevents Johnson from being able to get to either pump house, they both can be operated via the Internet.

There will be some significant differences between the two pump houses. The main one on Franks Street filters arsenic, manganese, and iron out of the water and adds chlorine. The facility on Pavilion Road will not provide as much filtration, but when on line, it will add chlorine. It will be a two-story structure. Johnson says all of the critical equipment will be on the second floor. Pavilion Road is subject to frequent flooding. That, plus a state requirement that there must be a back-up supply, is why the Franks Street well was dug.

In addition to the new well and the new pump houses, the project included all new mains and meters.