Winning films to be screened at PH


Six of the winning films from the First Annual Art and Soul of the Catskills Film Festival will be screened at the Pine Hill Community Center on Saturday, Feb. 23 at 7 pm.  
The films were among  the 40+ that were submitted to the Festival  and shown in Delhi on August 25th.  Free will donation. 

A recent  Pine Hill screening of eight films from the festival drew a large crowd, so Jessica  Vecchione,  the festival organizer, has made the additional films available and  will be on hand at the Pine Hill Community Center to introduce the films and to share information about  2013 film  workshop series  and for  the 2014 Festival, now in the planning stages.  

The ASCFF  accepted submissions from all levels of filmmakers providing they were residents of Delaware, Otsego, Ulster, Green, Chenango and Schoharie Counties, the film was produced in these counties, or the subject of the film centers in these areas.

The films that will be screened in Pine Hill include   the full-length feature documentary “The Workshop,” by Olivia Briggs that chronicles a production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It,  by The Young People’s Theater Arts Workshop  at The West Kortright Centre, a non-profit arts organization in East Meredith. Founded in the 1980s, this annual summer workshop  has blossomed into a multifaceted children’s theater haven, giving it’s alumni what many remember as some of the best experiences of their lives.

In the film, 29 teenagers embark on a fully staged production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and it is not going to be easy.
The spirit of the theater prevails despite the challenges they face, and the show does, indeed, go on. The result is a triumphant performance against all odds that proves the transformational nature of the theater and its unique ability to build confidence and bonds that last a lifetime.

Indie filmmaker
Olivia Briggs, producer, co-director, and editor of The Workshop, is a New York native, and active member of the West Kortright Centre community for 24 years. An award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and producer, Olivia earned a B.A. with Honors from Oberlin College in Theater before embarking on a career in independent film. She is currently pursuing a master of fine arts degree in Dramatic Writing at NYU Tisch Asia.

Two promotional music videos  include “Meet Me At the Bottom” by Jennie Williams and the Blues Band. This video is part of a larger collaborative effort evolving from Williams’ interpretation of Howlin’ Wolf’s blues tune “Meet Me at the Bottom.”

In her reworking, the common thread of gearing up to run like hell from Trouble that bites at bare feet, laces into a different problem – the woman who must break out of the prisons of abuse and self doubt; and, in a completely different mood, “Five Little Monkeys,” from Laurie McIntosh’s CD “Groovin’ in the Garden.”  A warning: this reggae-inflected version of a familiar tune will stay inside your head for a very long time. 

Rounding out the program are three short films,  “Childhood” by Nick Noyes, about growing up, asking the question, who is really raising our children, and who are their friends; “Mistakes Were Made” by Francesca Mirabella, a disturbing film about a young girl in more danger than she knows,  and “A View of Burning Empires” by Jared Jones.

Minimalist approach
Taking a minimalist approach to the horror/zombie genre, “A View of Burning Empires” is told through the perspective of an isolated, unnamed man who arises one morning to find that the devices connecting him to the rest of the world have gone awry.

Shot in just 12 hours and on a budget of less than $100, “A View of Burning Empires” forgoes dialogue in favor of an atmospheric soundtrack/sound-scape to tell its story, all the while leaving many of its own questions open for interpretation.

There will be popcorn and soft drinks available. 
The Pine Hill Community Center is located at 287 Main Street, Pine Hill. For more information, please visit