Winfield Hinkley earns promotion

Technical Sgt. Winfield Hinkley, son of Wink and Karen Hinkley of Grand Gorge and an instructor at the Elmendorf Professional Military Education Center in Alaska, recently became a master sergeant through a ‚"Stripes for Exceptional Performers‚" promotion, an unexpected, on-the-spot promotion awarded on the merits of hard work and ‚"superior dedication to the mission."

Hinkley was one of three nominees whose names were sent to Air Force Pacific Command for consideration.
On December 6, Hinkley took an unexpected ‚Äúcommander‚Äôs call‚Äù as an opportunity to have his students learn about leadership from the installation commander. The promotion came about when Elmendorf Air Force Base Wing Commander General Thomas Tinsley led students in a discussion about leadership and the difficulties involved with a Noncommissioned Office Academy (NCOA) instructor teaching his peers about leadership, and then called Hinkley forward to bestow the honor of an additional stripe and a new title ‚" master sergeant ‚" upon him.
Hinkley is a 1992 graduate of Roxbury Central School. He and his wife, Dee Dee, have two daughters, Abby, 4, and Makayla, 1. The Hinkley family will be leaving Eagle River, AK, in July, as they have been reassigned by the USAF to Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington.