What would they say about US?


To The Editor:
Last week I had the pleasure of hosting my cousin from Brazil and four adult children around NYC, visiting museums and shopping malls.

One day we visited Philadelphia and we went to see the Liberty Bell then into Independence Hall, the birthday place of our nation. The guide was excellent in describing the problems with unifying the states and how the founding fathers were able to overcome the various issues that they faced in creating a government unlike any other in existence.

The guide mentioned the early settlers in the colony were expelled from Europe for having religious beliefs other then state religion of their homeland and how the founding fathers were enlightened in creating the Constitution that respected and protected their religious beliefs.

In creating the Constitution the 1st Amendment, ratified in 1791, explicitly “prohibits the Congress creating any law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
My cousins were very impressed with our Constitution as they were not learned in our government and it is very different from the socialist country they are from.

Now we have an administration that is clearly violating the amendment by requiring that religious organizations and employers be forced to provide services for their employees that are against the fundamental moral issues of their religion, namely against the Catholic church which does not condone sterilizations, abortions, etc under penalty of fines and prosecution.

This is an issue that involves all religions, Orthodox Judaism, Islam, Mormonism and a host of other pro-life faiths. A clear violation of the Constitution that the President is requiring as part of the Affordable Health Care law that was forced upon us and as we heard Pelosi say, “Pass the bill so we can see what’s in it.”

What would the signers of the Constitution say today? Would they be alarmed that their Constitution is being corrupted by this regime?

In the last few days the President seems to be recanting the edict as all faiths see this as an attempt to make religious freedoms subservient to politicians and atheists. Any interference with religious tenants is a violation of the law of the land and we need to hold our elected leaders responsible and if need be impeachment is a direction we must take.

My cousins all expressed a desire to live in the USA, but with the atmosphere we have regarding our freedoms they would think twice.

Charles Kowalski,