What lessons learned?


To The Editor:
Week after week, we see it in the Police Blotter section: people learning it the hard way.  As a mom and a teacher, I know firsthand how true this path is.  However, the drunk driver baffles me and those that help hide the evidence so quickly.  Do they not hear time and again how devastating the lessons are that can be learned from that “mistake”?  

Of course, we all know that drinking and driving is a choice, not just a lapse in judgment. Maybe it is time again for one of those devastating, life-altering lessons?

I imagine driving into a tree could be the “wake up call” that some people need, but just in case, let me tell you something.  He loves to play soccer, and he is really good at.  Like, he dreams of playing professionally.  He struggles with all his future choices though.  He loves to dance to the Sun Drop commercial and thinks he could be a dancer.  Then again, his love of reading could mean a future in the world of publishing. I think the most fun he has is pretending he is part of the team of Ninjago legos he plays with everyday.  

He is my nine-year-old little boy and he was in the car with me the night when I was nearly driven off the road because of someone else’s choice.  While I appreciate the apology, I ask, “What lesson would he have learned?”  

We are a community and have to remember our desire for a good time that has to include alcohol should never cost someone their child or loved one.  My child was lucky this time, maybe yours will not be next time?  Would that be life altering enough for our community?

Tina Peters,