We are law-abiding citizens


To The Editor:
In response to Mr. Stinson and Mr. Clark’s letters last week, it is evident by their thoughts that they have a clear position on gun rights. No matter which side of the issue one supports, a grave travesty to our democracy and constitution has been forced on New York State law abiding gun owners.

Yes, these mass murders are tragic and horrible but that is not the issue. Our Governor Cuomo, aspiring to the presidency in 2016, jumped on the tragedy in Newtown for his own political future, showing that he can beat Washington and Obama to the punch with gun control laws.

Quickly formulating a ‘shotgun’ (pun intended) approach to the problem. No rational thinking was involved, nor was this the intent, while emotions and fear were ramped up for something to be done, now. Then in the “cloak of darkness,” he rushed this bill to our senate and assembly for a quick vote. Our representatives in Albany, never the less, took the bait and voted on this without a full review of the bill and normal processing. No public hearings were held, no alternative options nor debating of the various sections was done.

Some might say, “good.” This will stop the gun violence and make our schools safe. Unfortunately, this has only further diminished our rights as law-abiding citizens. When any rights are infringed, caution must be used. This is what makes us a democracy as opposed to a dictatorship. We must and we need to tread lightly when we infringe on the rights of any group of citizens in our country.

Yes, gun owners are law-abiding citizens and should and must be treated as such. Gun
owners have been found guilty without due process, just because we have or want a certain type of semi-automatic gun. I will not use the term assault weapon, because any gun or object can be an assault weapon. Furthermore, none of these weapons are truly assault weapons. These are just semi-automatic rifles. An assault rifle is capable of semi, burst-mode and/or full automatic fire. These rifles are not in this class.

The bill does have some good points, and as responsible law-abiding gun owners, we have no objections to those. We don’t want to be in the field hunting or at the range/gun match with criminals or with an unstable individual with a gun either.

I would just like to add that bans don’t work. Look at prohibition from1920 to1933? Look at our war on drugs? The test of this bill is, does it really address the ‘root cause?’ I say no. Some points of this bill are relevant and will help, others just infringe on our rights. Attacking an object does not solve the problem. A gun never killed anyone by itself. Period!

Our society is in moral decay. Violence is glorified by Hollywood, the media and TV. Violent video games are available to our children of all ages. Disruptive children are given medication like it was candy. Mentally unstable people roam our cities and towns. We have thousands of laws on the books to solve our problems. We made gun-free zones. We have a revolving-door criminal justice system. I could go on and on.

Richard Rossi,