WDC advisor to attend World Water Conference

Arkville — The Water Discovery Center (WDC), in its efforts to reach out to international experts concerned with water resources, will send a member of its National Advisory Board to the annual session of World Water Week, in Stockholm, Sweden September 5 through 11.

Marcia Brewster is a senior consultant with Nautilus International Development Consulting, Inc., and a former Senior Officer for Water Resources at the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development. She will travel to Sweden as a representative of the WDC, which is developing an exhibition and education center in the Catskills focused on regional and global water issues.

Over two decades, Stockholm has become the annual meeting place for the international water world. The theme of this year’s Water Week is “The Water Quality Challenge - Prevention, Wise Use and Abatement.” Explains Brewster.

“It is an opportunity to gather and demonstrate the experiences, technologies and resources that people are mobilizing in order to deal with water quality management problems. One excellent example of effective water management is the 1997 New York City Watershed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), a many-layered partnership to protect water quality for millions of New Yorkers as well as to assist residents and businesses in the Watershed. The experts gathered in Stockholm will be interested in learning more about this agreement, which will be among many examples to be discussed and analyzed as alternatives to address current and future water quality problems.”

The Catskill Watershed Corporation, which was born out of the MOA, is supporting the efforts to establish the Water Discovery Center, envisioned as an educational resource and tourist attraction.

The WDC is planned for a 43-acre site in the Town of Middletown in the geographic center of the Catskill-Delaware New York City Watershed. For more information, visit www.waterdiscoverycenter.org.