Wake up to the realities


To The Editor:
I just returned to my longtime home in Highmount and bought this week’s Catskill Mountain News. I can scarcely believe what it contained: two pages of Mailbag, every line of which mail is enthusiastically cheerleading for the Belleayre Resort. Add to that one-half page of ads, all by local Middletown area businesses backing the Resort, for which ads they presumably pay you. Is there any conflict of interest there, between such advertisers and your editorial policy?

And nothing from any official in Shandaken, where the Resort will actually be located. It is Shandaken that will bear the pain and noise of construction, the traffic jams, the destruction of much of the Highmount side of the mountain, possibly with the natural peak ridgeline littered with housing units. It is Shandaken whose roads will need to be repaved and repaired. It is Shandaken, and the Onteora School District, whose school taxes will be raised to support and to transport construction workers’ and employees’ children.

Yet I note a complete lack of support in this week’s News from Shandaken residents, other than a single comment from Big Indian.

Indeed, though you must know that many in Shandaken regularly read the Catskill Mountain News, you have never listed realty transfers in our contiguous township. Even your Page 1 story this week, reporting on school board elections and possible school tax hikes, omits any mention of  Shandaken/Onteora schools proposed budgets, probable tax raises and school board elections.
Wake up, or do you want to become a Middletown Chamber of Commerce bulletin board, as you appear to have become with this week’s edition of the Catskill Mountain News. 

Rick Beck,