WAC publishes new directory of wood products

Hamden — The Watershed Agricultural Council (WAC) recently published a new wood products directory titled Pure Catskills Wood Products: A Directory of Manufacturers & Craftspeople in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. The 30-page booklet features over 200 local companies involved in various aspects of wood processing within the Catskill and Hudson Valley regions.
“Pure Catskills Wood Products” connects producers, suppliers, architects, design professionals and other interested buyers with regional wood-products, businesses and related industry resources. The new publication debuted at the New England Woodworking Expo in Hartford, CT. Copies are available at WAC events or at www.catskillwoodnet.org.
“Green building projects, recalls on imported goods and a rising social awareness among consumers, are driving a demand for local wood products from sustainably managed forests,” states Collin Miller, Wood Products Utilization & Marketing Specialist with WAC. “Small private woodlots and public forest lands represent over 75 percent of land in the region. Well-managed forests will continue to supply lumber producers and other wood-products businesses that contribute to the region’s economy while simultaneously protecting water quality for millions of New Yorkers.
The directory is part of a larger campaign of CatskillWoodNet to create a brand identity for locally manufactured wood-products using the Pure Catskills trademark. Campaign members receive a complete posting on the group’s website, www.catskillwoodnet.org, and listing in the directory. Members also receive free promotional materials including signage, product stickers and price tags emblazoned with the trademark logo. Other low-cost, specialized point-of-purchase materials, such as branding irons and lumber stencils, are also available to registered members. Regional wood-products businesses are encouraged to register with Catskill Woodnet at 222.catskillwoodnet.org. For more information, contact Collin Miller at 607 865-7790, ext. 122.