Vintage Base Ball on Power Authority field June 14

The New York Power Authority’s grounds in North Blenheim make the perfect setting for an old-fashioned game of gentlemen’s base ball between the Roxbury Nine and their neighborly rivals, the Mountain Athletic Club of Fleischmanns on Saturday, June 14 at noon.
There will be plenty of “dads” swinging away on the wide-open field, with hay bales serving as backstops, just as they did in the earliest days of the game. The match will be played 1864-style to reflect its setting. This was a leisurely game centered on hitting, with a underhand pitch style and balls caught on a bounce counted as outs. It provides plenty of action and relaxation at the same time. Sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct were the hallmarks of our national pastime back then, played in America’s hometown fields between neighbors, colleagues and cousins. 
The Roxbury Nine, veterans of the vintage circuit, have been playing nearly a decade, while the Mountain Athletic Club was just revived last year.  Since both teams usually play the faster 1890s style of vintage ball, the odds on this match are anyone’s guess. Both teams have the key to a 1860s game: strong batteries. These two teams will also have an Independence Day match in Oneonta’s Damaschke field to open the July 4 Tigers game.
To reach Lansing Manor, drive north on state Route 30 through Roxbury and Grand Gorge. The NYPA North Blenheim site is approximately 10 minutes north of Grand Gorge.