Village Pub opens cool 'Ice Bar'

By Geoff Samuels
The Village Pub in Margaretville is open again, thanks to the great renovation efforts of Robin and Nadine Tischmacher.

On the first anniversary of Hurricane Irene and the catastrophic flood that nearly wiped out many towns in the Catskills, the popular gathering spot at 814 Main Street is now back in full swing. Walk back into the Village Pub and you’re in a different place. It’s both several feet wider and higher, not to mention that everything including the floor, walls, ceiling and bar is brand new. According to Robin, his wife Nadine was solely responsible for the décor of the interior.

Interior changes
Although “Village Pub” remains the name on the outside, the theme on the inside is now “Ice Bar.” Walking in, customers are immediately struck by the new curved bar with its gleaming white top that lights up in a multitude of colors. The walls are tastefully done with either stone, wainscoting, cork, or natural pine, and the new ceiling has the attractive “stamped copper” motif of yesteryear. Little lighted ice cubes and a blue neon sign over the bar enhance the “icy” effect. Of course, the kitchen and restrooms are totally new, and a very hi-tech jukebox rounds out the renovations.
Tischmacher said the turning point in his decision to re-open the pub was receiving a grant that covered all new electric wiring, as well as electrical appliances. This enabled him to “raise the bar” in terms of the total amount of renovations they could do.

Starting around February of this year, the couple began working on the new theme for the bar. They wanted to create a “destination” which would be attractive to both local patrons and visitors. The menu would also be new to differentiate it from Summerfield’s, the other venue that they own and operate in Margaretville.

The grand opening of the Village Pub’s new Ice Bar was last Friday, at about 4 p.m. For many weeks, various contractors could be seen working feverishly both inside and out. Right around 4 o’clock on the afternoon of the opening, carpenters and electricians were still busy putting on their finishing touches — and Robin and Nadine were still trying to clean up after them. Then, all of a sudden, voila, the bar was open and people began to come in. In a few hours, the entertainment began with guitarist/vocalist “Three Chord Geoff” and friends. Later at 10 p.m. “DJ Tito” took over to rock the house.