Vilification played a greater role


To The Editor:
I don’t often write letters to the editor, but the recent supervisor’s race in the Town of Middletown forces me to write for the second time in a month.
Middletown has had a long tradition of respectful campaigning according to which candidates speak of their own qualifications and vision and refrain from attacks on their opponents. This tradition has made Middletown special, and many of us have pointed to it with pride. Sadly, this year, tradition fell by the wayside.
The result was a campaign in which personal vilification played a greater role than thoughtful discussion and debate about the future of our town. It is worth noting that in the end, this tactic did fall short here in Middletown.
Let us hope that this year’s supervisor’s campaign was an aberration and that our town can move forward with polite and dignified discussion and debate, both at election time and in the deliberations of our town board between elections.
May we all work to this end. Our political forebears would expect no less of us.

Andy Van Benschoten,
Former Town of Middletown Supervisor