Viewpoint is just plain nonsensical


To The Editor:
With all due respect to Cats­kill Mountain News Editor Dick Sanford, I believe he lacks an understanding of the personal hardship of living in a flood plain. I have been a homeowner in Fleischmanns for approximately 30 years and have been impacted by three floods over that time.  The last one rendered my home virtually uninhabitable.  Even after spending more than $30,000 in 2012, I still lack walls, floors, kitchen and bathrooms.
As the injured party, just retired, I need to be careful how I spend my savings. For years I have looked forward to retiring and spending more time in the Catskills. Now I have been exiled from the home that I wanted to be my primary residence in retirement.
If I was able to sell my home at pre-flood valuations, I would be in a better financial position to buy another home up here, perhaps even in Fleisch­manns.  
The City proposal to me is an opportunity to have a fresh start and allow me to return to the area.
The villages should be more concerned with trying to attract people to the area rather than keeping them captive so they can collect taxes. Specifically for Fleischmanns, the priorities should be restoring the bridge to provide easy access between Main Street and Wagner Avenue and bringing back the pool. Those initiatives would make the village more appealing; forc­ing me to keep paying taxes on a derelict property and scaring off potential buyers by restricting property rights is just plain nonsensical.

Sean Lalor, Fleischmanns