Valk honored with Rotary award for 54 years

Fleischmanns resident Milt Valk was honored with an award celebrating his 54 years of service to the Fleischmanns-Pine Hill Rotary Club last Wednesday during a dinner at the Pine Hill Arms Restaurant.
District governor Dave Reynolds was in attendance, as well as Lana Rouff, who takes over as district governor this week.
Valk joined the Rotary in 1954 and has served the club in many capacities.
“Milt is the force behind the Fleischmanns-Pine Hill Rotary Club and keeps us going,” said Jason Wadler, president of the club. “He holds us together. He’s the glue that binds us.”
Valk is the owner of the Valkyrian Motel in Fleischmanns and used to work for the New York State Gas and Electric.
The Rotary Club is also accepting new members, and welcomes anyone to join.

Milt ValkMilt Valk