Understanding life's ups and downs


To The Editor:
My hat is off to the Margaretville boys’ basketball team. They had a great season and their memories will probably last a lifetime.

I still remember my senior year, 44 years ago, when we lost to Walton for the sectional championship. We were ahead by 23 points at halftime and blew the lead.

As much as there is disappointment in losing, we grow so much more from the heartbreaking defeats. Part of the process of becoming a complete person is coming to grips with experiences that don’t go our way. The knowledge gained from these memorable challenges will give a more level perspective on understanding the ups and downs of life.

It may take some time for the basketball team to know they actually ended up winners, but for the rest of us, we are proud of their success and hope they will enjoy all the great moments they shared together as they look back at their wonderful accomplishments.
Thanks guys.

Warren Slavin,