Time Out: January 4, 2012

December has come and gone and we’ve started a new year. Before you know it, the days will be getting longer and it will be time for spring training and baseball. Just thinking about an upcoming baseball season makes the winter ahead of us seem manageable. That is, if you’re not a Mets’ fan.
It’s tough work rooting for the New York Mets these days. The team is broke and broken. Like everyone else these days, Met owners are facing a fiscal crisis of monumental proportions. The team announced revenues were $70 million below expenses last year. Huge loan payments will come due during the next two years, and ownership will soon be in court, sued by victims of the Madoff Ponzi scheme.

Mets’ fans have to swallow hard as they watch management peeling away the highly paid regulars on the roster to drop the player payroll to the levels of a mid-level franchise. A roster considered one of the best in the game just a few short years ago has been broken.

Before Christmas, there was real heartbreak for Met fans when Jose Reyes, one of the most popular players to ever play for the Mets, signed a contract to and became a Miami Marlin. When Reyes put his name on the dotted line he ended months of speculation for desperate Met fans — fans who have long held him near and dear to their hearts.

To help assuage my despair, I put pencil to paper to come up with my own personal way to say Bob Hope’s signature closing song, ‘Thanks For the Memories.’ So, Jose, from all the broken hearted Met fans like yours truly, ‘Thanks For the Memories.’

Thanks for the Memories Of flashy orange and blue like only you can do and playing with unbridled joy we hate to say “adieu,” how lovely it was.
Thanks for the memories Of all those days at Shea those theatrical like plays those racing feet that swing so sweet Our cheers and shouts, JOSE how lovely it was.
Many’s the time that we feasted and many’s the time that we fasted Oh, well, it was swell while it lasted We did have fun, and no harm done.
So thanks for the memories Another stolen base your twinkling smiling face A curtain call When you slammed the ball you’ve earned a special place We thank you so much
Thanks for the memories a hammy here or there So what, we didn’t care A baseball pet Our homegrown Met With style, grace and flair We thank you so much.
So, thanks for the memories Of faults that we forgave Of feats that made us rave And dreams of better times to come
and pennant flags to wave
We thank you so much.
We say a sad goodbye
Moving on is hard, we’ll try
But we’re intelligent Met fans No tears, no fuss
Hooray for us.
So, thanks for the memory There’s little you can’t do
We’re glad that we had you And how are all
Those little dreams
That never did come true
Aren’t we glad we met you
Cheerio and Tootle-loo
And thank you soooo much
Goodbye and best of luck, Jose, we wish you well.