Time Out: April 2, 2014

It was a small moment, insignificant to many, but Monday at Citi Field in New York City, Opening Day was delayed for a few seconds when Met first baseman Ike Davis asked for time to get sunglasses.
Sunglasses? Yes, the bright sky in New York City was too much for Davis who needed sunglasses to shield his eyes. Opening Day of another baseball season is always a promising indicator that spring has arrived, but after our long, hard winter a request for sunglasses might be an even more significant omen.
Locally, the only winner on our athletic fields so far this spring is Mother Nature. Rain, snow, and cold continue to make it almost impossible for tennis and baseball teams to play, or even practice outdoors. The real impact of our delayed spring will be felt by local high school baseball teams. With games backed up, the number of times each team’s ace can take the ball to the hill will be limited, thus complicating things for pitching-challenged teams, a fact of life for baseball teams in the Catskills.
By the way, those Mets squandered a three-home-run day, a rarity for the home team at Citi Field. Needing only one more strike to close out the Nationals, Mets’ closer Bobby Parnell surrendered a two-out double that tied the game in the ninth inning, then the Mets’ bullpen allowed four runs in the 10th inning as the Mets dropped their opener, 9-7. Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same.