Time for Americans to wake up


To The Editor:
There hasn’t been a king or dictator in the U.S. since 1776 although Franklin Roosevelt came pretty close. His New Deal replaced America’s old Founding Father’s aristocracy with a new bureaucracy of Big Business, which increasingly is now run by managers rather than entrepreneurs. Formal ownership has been transferred to an army of anonymous and powerless stockholders. Political power has followed a similar path.

“Mob rule” does not mean that the mob rules, but rather the rule of those who have the power to manipulate the mob, thanks to the power of our controlled media. Our Power Elites have used massive illegal immigration to fill jobs previously held by our American workers, while filling their own pockets and, at the same time, expanding the potential for ethnic, cultural, class, and racial conflicts.

The American socio-political system is quite complex. There is no rigid hierarchy, so no one really knows precisely who is above and who is below. Government agencies, elected officials, the judiciary, corporations, and special interest groups all vie for power and prestige in a game with rules so complex as to be meaningless. These rules comprise, among others, “The Law,” which makes law schools a prime path to power for our Power Elites. Engineering and science are possible routes to power, but most people with such training remain in second-tier positions as specialists. You can identify a true Power Elite by the way he/she hops from one high-level position to another, regardless of the type of activity involved or whether the organization is public, nonprofit or private.

Our Power Elites do not dot Is or cross Ts, draft contracts, putter around in a lab or program computers. Our Power Elites make all important decisions such as, the ethnic, cultural, and racial composition of our nation, who gets how big a slice of the national pie, what is “Moral” and what is “Taboo,” and everything else that really counts in our lives while the brain-washed American simple Simon continues to worship over-paid athletes, trashy entertainers and those so-called: Christian Ministers.”

It’s like television with only two channels: Democrats on the left side of the dial and Republicans on the right. To prove there is “free speech,” a few neo-Nazis and unrepentant Maoist communists are allowed to mouth off.

These Power Elites concentrate on all-important decisions without the slightest input from the masses and there is absolutely no debate about anything of real significance. You are free to choose whether you want American or Swiss on your cheeseburger, but you have absolutely no influence whatsoever over the most vital aspects of our nation’s life. For example: our illegal aliens, in or out?

Cabinet officers, CEOs of major corporations, and even a few academics are at the top of our Power Elite’s caste system that cycles through “revolving doors” of business, government and other powerful institutions.

Our power elites like to think of themselves as a “meritocracy.” They have the power, supposedly, because they have superior intelligence and the expertise of Philosopher Kings. However, their real skills lie in power brokering, intrigue, lies, and venality. Today, we Americans are just numbers in the computers of the IRS and other government agencies.

Our nation is totally wired from coast to coast and our Power Elites pull all of the most important strings or, should we say, “manage the data bases.”

Since the end of WWII the record or our Power Elites points to one disaster after another. What was a promising new America has now been turned into another banana republic. Our Power Elites, catering to the demands of their foreign paymasters, are now hornswoggling the American people for a war against Iran, which is of no threat to our nation, just as they did against Iraq and Afghanistan, with a devastating blow upon our economy. Are still more of our American boys to shed their blood for our Power Elite’s foreign paymasters?

The democracy we have today is not that given to us by our Founding Fathers but rather a “democracy” given to us by our Power Elites and designed to serve their own agendas.

E.O. England,