This is a disgrace


To The Editor:
The fact that the week before the town supervisor election an inaccurate and biased article was headlined on the front page of the Catskill Mountain News (CMN) is unprofessional and violates journalistic ethics.  
First of all, Joe Moskowitz should not be allowed to write articles about this race since he was soundly beaten by Marge Miller in the last election for town supervisor.  Why isn’t that fact disclosed to the public every time he writes an article about Marge Miller?  
Secondly, the CMN and WIOX were unwilling to sponsor the debate and that was one of the reasons that the debate did not take place.  Why was that not reported?  
Thirdly, Moskowitz is informed via e-mail from the Republican Committee Chair that Ms. Miller cancelled the debate?  Therefore, it must be true.  Did he check with the Democratic Committee Chair?  No.  Did he check with any of the candidates?  No.  This is a disgrace.  There is no way that you can erase this by writing, oops, sorry.  If there is a prize for inaccuracy, I am certain that CMN will be nominated.

Eileen Treacy,