Think, think, think


To The Editor:
Gosh where to start. Well while growing up in this country I have always been made to be afraid of other countries. Bomb scares and such, but I have never been so scared of anything as much as I am of our own country right now. It’s just pitiful that payoffs and lying trumps humanity and truth. While growing up, when I made bad choices was punished to put me back on track. I was raised on a farm and milked cows 365 days a year, twice a day, along with all the other chores from as far back as I can remember. Left the farm at age 17 with nothing but the cloths I was wearing.

I choose not to smoke (used to) choose not to do drugs, (I experimented), I choose not to eat garbage passed out as food, (did till I realized it was garbage), choose not to drink alcohol in abusive amounts. Choose not to be responsible for all the bad choices Americans make daily with their health concerns.

Worked my fingers to the bone, sure am not complaining for it was a healthy good choice. Responsible for me and my surroundings and do not blame bad decisions on anyone but myself. I am living proof this works.

Owned and operated my own business since 1979. First couple of years received food stamps when business was slow but went off them when business picked up, not abusing. Borrowed lots of money from lots of banks paying every dollar back with interest. Still in business and doing just fine.
Wealthy in many ways but never let money make decisions for me. Have had a hate towards it since a small child. It does exist so have to deal with it. Being led around by the short hairs by lying, corrupt, politicians and their corrupt supporters. IT CAN BE CHANGED.

Instead of throwing money at health care, get healthy on your own and health insurance premiums would go down. Bad choices are being rewarded and that is so wrong it makes my eyes want to bleed.

We are overlooking our resources here and have the ability to grow and sell wholesome food to 15-20 million people surrounding us. Yes it’s work, the four letter word so many seem afraid of, so let’s rename it progress. The cancer spreading in the minds and bodies has turned to epidemic.
I have a four-year-old grandson, 10-month-old granddaughter and a grand baby on the way and feel nothing but shame for the path we are being forced to take by the blatant lying and corruption.

Time to get up off our butts and change things. It has been allowed to happen and can be allowed not to happen if we go forcefully, peacefully with integrity into our future. Think, think, think and I promise you there is a solution to every single problem.
Warm your spirits and hearts cause the ones we left in charge have hearts of stone.

Gary Mead,