There's one less family


To The Editor:
One more family is forced to leave our area for a better opportunity. When one reads the U.S. Censes report, it says 35 of the 62 counties in upstate New York are losing population do to a lack of work. We have a state government whose only answer is more food stamp. We have a governor that is beholden to his voter base that denies many New Yorkers the right to develop their own natural recourses.

The above are just statistics and politics. But that all changes when you put a human face to it. Do to the dismal economic condition, my coworker and friend had to decide to relocate to the Southwest, not to retire at a “Century Village”, but move his family to a state that offers him a job opportunity with the oil and gas industry. Work that will provide good wages to support his family, without food stamps.

Many people are leaving upstate New York because of the lack of employment opportunity. The January unemployment figures in the Southern Tier show a dismal 10 percent unemployment, almost three percent higher than the national rate.

However, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North, South Dakota, and Texas are different. Those states have sensible regulations that allows its taxpaying citizens to extract oil and gas from their land.
Neighboring Pennsylvania has been drilling for 150 years, fracking over 100,000 gas and oil wells. Fracking is supporting 149,000 jobs, $1.2 billion in royalty payments, $1.1 billion in state and local tax revenue. All this results in low unemployment rates.

So what is our governor doing? He wants more review and study even after the E. P. A. report gave fracking a clean bill of health. He is ignoring our economic depression upstate in order to satisfy his voter base in New York City. He gives million of our tax dollars to wind, solar, and green manufacturing in the Albany area, but will not allow fracking in the Southern Tier.
Governor Chromo, please stops holding our economy hostage for political points. We don’t want to lose any more families.

Kurt Holcherr,