The risks of fracking are great


To The Editor:
The handwriting is on the wall folks. National Mutual Insurance Co. has declared that it will not cover claims that are in any way related to fracking because, “The risks involved in fracking operations are too great to ignore.” This decision applies to policies of commercial contractors, landowners who lease their property to gas companies, water haulers, pipe and lumber haulers, operators of bulldozers, dump trucks, and all other vehicles used in drill site operations, etc. In other words, everything and everyone in any way connected to fracking.

Is it possible that this decision could affect neighboring properties, private wells, community water supplies, livestock, crops, and the general health and welfare of the area? I’m willing to bet it will. I’d also bet that other insurance companies will soon follow suit, if they haven’t already. I wouldn’t be surprised if some leases and drilling companies haven’t already been informed that they will have no coverage if it’s related to fracking.

Pressure must be put on the Governor, your representatives in Albany and all of the state environmental regulators to stop all fracking efforts until it can be guaranteed to be totally safe to us and the environment, and that effective oversight, inspection and regulation will be maintained.
Start writing and calling your representatives now or you can bet your barn boots that a lot of people will lose insurance coverage that they’re paying for. A disaster in the making is never good for the economy.

Don’t put much faith in the promise of jobs. The drilling crews work for the gas company and travel as a group from drill site to drill site. Once the wells are established, how many jobs are left for local people?

Richard Stinson,
South Kortright