The Great Train Robbery planned Saturday at DURR

Arkville — Reports are coming in from other railroads in the region of the return of the infamous Shadows of the Old West.  These bandits are making their presence known on every pay train that rolls on the rails.

Local law enforcement has been tipped off that the Rail Raiders will hold up the 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. trains this Saturday, July 17.  The Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride, located on Route 28 in Arkville, is making every effort to prepare for these desperadoes.

“We’ve been hit before,” said Dave Riordan, president of the railroad. “It’s bad enough to lose the payroll, but the long-term effects are greater.  Last time they robbed us they brought along a bunch of jezebels.  These ladies corrode the moral fiber of the community and we are not going to take it any more.  We’ve put together a posse in the event these guys try this again.  The Honorable Judge Willie B. Hangin will be in town and he is ready to dispense some swift justice.”
For more information on these light-hearted “robberies” call 586-DURR.