Supervisor thinks she is above the law


To The Editor:
It is common knowledge that the Middletown Town Supervisor Marge Miller was involved in forging a change in an updated agreement between the town and the City of New York. What is not known is why it was done, what are the potential consequences, and if anything is being done to deal with it.

The updated agreement had been reviewed by the town board and passed in July as Local Law #3 of 2012. The ultimately-revealed forgery was a key word that had been discussed in detail by the town board and rejected. In January of this year, the Village of Margaretville was updating the village version of a “companion agreement.” They received a letter from Ms. Miller strongly recommending the forged version. The adulterated version of Town Local Law #3, codified by the NY Department of State, was discovered in May. To date, any attempt to learn why the change was made has been dismissed by Ms. Miller.

No government can afford a leader who puts their personal perspective above the law or the community’s right to know. You will have the opportunity to express your opinion November 5. Vote!

Lauren Davis,