Sundaes in Grand Gorge rising from the ashes

By Joe Moskowitz
A Grand Gorge tradition is rising from the ashes. Sundaes, that sweet seven-day-a-week fixture on Route 23 is being rebuilt.
Workers from C&B Construction near Syracuse are busy putting up the frame. Local contractors will be hired to do all of the interior work.
Owner Walt Carman said he hopes to have everything up and running within a couple of months. Just in time for summer ice cream season.

Sundaes burned to the ground in the early morning hours of October 14, 2013. The fire occurred shortly after a blaze destroyed another Grand Gorge business, Becker’s Tire Service. There has been much talked-about speculation that both fires were the work of an arsonist yet extensive investigations have not lead to an arrest.
Regardless of the fire’s cause, Carman, who operates two other area businesses told the News that he always planned to rebuild.
He has only owned the business for two years, but for decades people flocked to that location to get ice cream, especially in the days when soft ice cream was somewhat of a local rarity.
Carman said people were constantly asking him about rebuilding and telling him how they had been going there since they were kids.
Even the people directly across the road at the Creekside Cafe, where they also serve food, said they were happy to see the return of Sundaes.
Carman said the new Sundaes will look much like the old Sundaes but it will be brighter and more modern.
Sundaes will still have a deli and serve burgers and fries and, of course, ice cream Sundaes.