SUCO chemistry professor to address gas drilling issue

Delhi —The issue of gas drilling will be addressed at a meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. in the Harder Room of the Delhi United Ministry Church. The event is being sponsored by the Delaware County Democratic Committee (DCDC).
Dr. Ron Bishop is a professor in the chemistry and biochemistry department at SUNY Oneonta.
He has also produced preliminary editions of two articles — “Experiences with Natural Gas Extraction: Conversations with Officials in New York’s Counties” and “Beyond MSDS: A Review of Hazardous Materials Used in New York’s Natural Gas Industry.”
“Until people know how the industry works, they are at a real disadvantage in deciding how to respond, ”Bishop stated.
Refreshments (cider and doughnuts) will be served. For more information, contact DCDC Chair Cynthia Lockrow-Schimmerling at 607 287-2198.