Stop the Belleayre bullying


To The Editor:
While skimming the News last week I came upon a letter to the editor in reference to areas where Belleayre employees park and where the writer(s) of the letter think they should park.
I worked part time at Belleayre after retiring from the Ulster County Highway Department. Under the Lanza regime, employees parked in the old garage parking lot, and I’m told by several employees that this is still the case.
This letter was signed by dedicated patrons of the mountain. It seems a little odd that after all the years under the Lanza regime, there was no problem with where the employees parked. Is it possible that the person or people who wrote this letter were the ones who had one of the reserved parking spots, one of the beautiful people, or maybe one of Lanza’s political friends?
One of the problems that existed when I was on the mountain was all the entitlements. Belleayre is not certain people’s private playground. You can tell that all the letters complaining about Belleayre are from one group of people. Their effort is called a letter writing campaign.
The Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) is disliked by this group of people because their entitlements have disappeared under ORDA’s management.
The letter states that 40 employee vehicles are parked by 8 a.m. in the main parking lot. Now, how would you tell whose vehicles they are? Are there little signs on them that state this?
You people (letter writers) need to get over this. Stop the bullying. ORDA is here to stay. Maybe you should be careful what you wish for.
To all Belleayre employees; keep up the good work.
And, I’m not afraid to sign my name.
Ron Segenin, Pine Hill