State Senator Seward visits new district

Margaretville — New York State Senator James Seward, who will represent this area starting in January, visited Prattsville, Grand Gorge, Roxbury, and Margaretville on Tuesday, Aug. 28 to familiarize himself with the area and its needs. His visit in Margaretville was hosted by the Margaretville Area Tea Party.

The senator discussed the issues of flood damages, the state budget, local school taxes and how residents can work as a community to solve common problems. The meeting was well attended and Senator Seward spoke and addressed questions for almost two hours. The senator promised to reply to the issues that were discussed.

Party members felt that it is great that they have a state senator, and a state assemblyman in Pete Lopez, who have visited the area recently to learn about the issues that are affecting their lives.

A frequent topic discussed with both representatives is high school taxes caused by mandates that are imposed by the state that do not allow local residents to direct their taxes to provide better instruction and teaching technology.

The Tea Party reminds all registered voters to vote in the upcoming primary and general election in November.

The Margaretville Tea Party has hosted Delaware County Judge Karl Becker, Town of Middletown Justice and Democratic candidate for County Judge Gary Rosa and Assemblyman Pete Lopez over the last three months and will welcome other guest speakers before the November election.