State needs sound judgment


To The Editor:
Hopefully, last week’s letter to the editor, “No Bashing Needed” finally puts an end to Joan Lawrence-Bauer’s attacks on Laszlo Vajtay and Plattekill. Kudos to Mr. Giuffrida.

I too am a Plattekill skier and have been for more than eight years. I am presently in the process of buying a weekend ski house. I wondered why someone had not stepped up sooner and spoken in support of Plattekill. I would like to comment that Mr. Giuffrida’s letter only corrected some of her blatantly erroneous remarks, but I have not written this letter to continue the bashing.

I am writing this letter because I feel compelled to convey that we, Plattekill skiers, know that the success of Plattekill is the result of the great family-run mountain the Vajtays have built with lots of good old-fashioned hard work and sound decisions regarding reinvestment of their hard earned money, a novel idea these days. Therefore, the fact that Plattekill is still standing and standing very tall should not be minimized when all around them, Scotch Valley, Bobcat, Cortina, and Highmount have fallen. If proximity to Belleayre and “Belleayre Overflow” were any criteria for success, Highmount would be booming today.

Let’s put the bashing behind and let sound minds prevail. No one is against the Belleayre Resort or a reasonable amount of money being spent for improvements to Belleayre. Consider though what $74 million would mean to the Rockaways, Long Island, and Staten Island who are still trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy. Seventy four million in improvements to Belleayre does sound excessive.

Just an added question: Why does the private resort have the same name as the ski center? I think it muddies the water a little! Let the ski resort and the ski center each stand on their own two feet.
Crossroads Ventures bought Highmount 10 years ago for $250,0000 (see Mr. Vajtay’s letter in the June 26 CMN). Let Crossroads Ventures put their money into improvements at Highmount. Why should taxpayers pay $5 million now to buy Highmount from Crossroads and who knows how many millions more to make improvements to it? Sound outrageous? It is!

We can have a private resort and a state-owned ski center side-by-side, both benefiting from the other, but the state must use sound judgment in how and how much of the taxpayers’ money it spends. Remember, we’re taxpayers in Delaware County too. (I will be soon)
Plattekill employs a lot of people and a lot of businesses in Roxbury and Grand Gorge benefit from the existence and continued success of our ski area.

Dawn Maxwell,
Grand Gorge