Stanley may run unopposed


By Jay Braman Jr.
By this time next week it will become clear whether or not Shandaken Republican Supervisor Rob Stanley will face a challenger in his bid for a third, two-year term.

At the GOP’s Caucus earlier this month, Stanley was the party favorite. With no opposition, he easily won his party’s endorsement, running on his record of keeping taxes low and his critically acclaimed performance as Shandaken’s man in charge during the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.
Then, a couple of days later, Stanley could be seen dishing out salad at the annual Shandaken Democratic Party barbecue fundraiser. He is expected to seek that party’s endorsement also when the Democrats caucus at 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 26 at Glenbrook Park on Route 42 in Shandaken.
Unclear is whether the Democrats will cross endorse Stanley. In his first run back in 2009, Stanley unseated Democratic Supervisor Peter DiSclafani. Then in 2011 he survived a challenge by Democrat Kathy Nolan. The Democrats do have the option of leaving the supervisor’s spot blank on the ballot this year, but that decision will be made at the caucus.

Democratic Party spokesman Nick Alba said Monday that anything can happen. “Rob Stanley will be seeking the Democratic line, he said. “I don’t believe that another candidate will challenge him. We’ll see what happens next week.”

While there may not be a supervisor’s race this year, the race for two town-board seats will be at least a three-way event. GOP incumbent Jack Jordan, a Pine Hill resident seeking a second, four-year term, easily won Republican endorsement at his party’s caucus, getting 41 votes.
He will share that endorsement with fellow Republican and Big Indian resident Frank Stapleton, who barely beat out Democrat Tim Malloy, who was seeking cross endorsement from Republicans. Stapleton got 28 votes and Malloy grabbed 22.
Not present at the Republican caucus was Faye Storms, a Phoenicia businesswoman who has already announced her candidacy and who will be seeking Democratic support at that party’s caucus on August 26.
Another element in this year’s election is the local Conservative Party, which will caucus on Thursday, Aug. 22 at the pavilion behind the former Al’s Restaurant in Phoenicia. Both Republican and Democratic candidates are expected to seek Conservative endorsement.
In other races, Shandaken Highway Superintendant Eric Hofmeister will seeking a forth, two- year term having easily bested a challenge by former Highway Superintendent Keith Johnson, who was unseated in 2007 by Hofmeister.
Even though Hofmeister won at the GOP caucus with 39 votes to Johnson’s nine, the latter vows to appear on the ballot in November under an independent line.
For the two town justice positions, the GOP endorsed both of Shandaken’s judges that now occupy the bench, Republican Tom Crucet and Democrat Mike Miranda.