Ski centers open despite rainy December


By Jay Braman Jr.
We all sense that snowy weather in early December is a thing of the past, similar to the memory of gas station attendants who would rush out to our cars and check the oil, clean the windshield, and fill the tank.

It just doesn’t happen very often anymore.
Regardless, technology has allowed ski centers to trump the cards dealt by Mother Nature and create man-made snow on the slopes and thereby put smiles on the faces of those wanting the thrill of downhill skiing as early in December as possible.

So, while warm temps and drizzle dot the forest floors of the Catskills, the ski centers in the region are boasting enough white stuff to attract visitors from downstate, and this week are making it clear that they are open for business.

In Roxbury, Plattekill Mountain opened last weekend, but closed up during this week due warm temperatures. Regardless, co-owner Danielle Vajtay said Monday that Plattekill will be going strong by the coming weekend. “We’ll be open again starting this Friday...and thru New Years Day for the holiday week. Think snow,” she said.

Nearby Belleayre Ski Center has been open for 18 days as of today, and thanks to new snow guns, the operators expect a good experience for visitors as the holidays approach.

In nearby Greene County, the slopes at Hunter Mountain are open for business, as are the slopes at Windham, the counties other ski area.

All Catskill area ski centers have easily found websites that provide up-to-the minute ski conditions.
Those websites also list ski-condition telephone numbers. Early season conditions can change dramatically, for better or worse, over night. Skiers will be well served to have current information in hand before they head to the slopes.