Sheriff Tom Mills endorsed by GOP for re-election bid

Delhi — Delaware County Sheriff Thomas E. Mills received the endorsement of the Delaware County Republican Party to seek re-election for the office of sheriff during the 2010 elections.
At Saturday’s Republican Committee Meeting in Delhi where he received the endorsement, Sheriff Mills recounted some achievements he accomplished during his first 11 years in office which include the following:
Oversight of the construction of the Public Safety Building/100-Bed Correctional Facility.  The new facility replaced the oldest 28-bed jail in New York State and eliminated the costly practice of boarding out inmates. It gave the county an opportunity to create revenue by boarding in inmates. Most importantly, it provides a safer working environment for employees and a more secure environment in which to house inmates.
Technological advancement for the office and its vehicles most often financed by grant funding which includes live scan fingerprint system, in-car video camera systems, license
plate reader, in-car state-of-the-art computer upgrades, updated radios with scrambling capability, off-the-road vehicle fleet used for search and rescue, adoption of R-U-Okay and
Project Lifesaver programs and the establishment of a more comprehensive set of policies and
Sheriff Mills noted that the formation of a countywide Drug Enforcement Unit has been very successful in apprehending a significant number of drug dealers. By working with Federal Officials and prosecuting offenders in Federal Court, Delaware County has been spared exorbitant prosecution-related court costs.
He also noted that the reestablishment of the Law Enforcement Academy has minimized expenses and in some cases resulted in revenue.
Although he has achieved significant accomplishments during his career as sheriff, Sheriff Mills also realizes that there is still much more that needs to be done.  As a member of two state-based committees; Police Services to the Elderly and the formation of radio interoperability between agencies, he is committed to making Delaware County a safer place in which to live and work.  He said his next major hurdle will be to work in collaboration with the Department of Emergency Services to update the archaic countywide radio system.   He announced that they are making strides to update it and have secured significant grant funding to defray the costs. In fact, throughout the engineering process, no Delaware County taxpayer funds were expended for this costly venture.
The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office has encountered several tragic events during the last few years.  Its officers worked shoulder-to-shoulder with its citizens during the flood of
2006 and sent officers to participate in a nationally televised manhunt in Margaretville. He noted that the department invited participation from citizenry to provide leads, crucial to apprehending
the cruel arsonists who were recently vandalizing and burning structures throughout Delaware
Sheriff Mills stated that during his tenure he has endeavored to keep in touch with his
constituents.  He routinely attends meetings throughout the county, participates in civic functions and pens a news column, “From the Sheriff’s Desk.” He also shares up-to-date information regarding office activities via the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Web site, maintained by the Delaware County Server. 
Mills said he would consider it an honor to retain his current position for the next four years; to confront the challenges the position provides and be included among the men and women employed by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.