Seussical plays well at MCS

The Margaretville Central School Scitamard Society completed a very successful engagement of “SEUSSICAL” ™ on April 4-5.

Cassandra Olin directed the play, with musical direction by Richard Tucker and assistance from William Powers. The musical is based upon the works of DR. SEUSS.
Cast members included: The Cat in the Hat - James Warner; Boy/Jojo - Ithamar Silva; Horton the Elephant - Julian Rauter; Gertrude McFuzz - Rhiannon Kearns; Mr. Mayor - Michael Conroy; Mrs. Mayor - Issis Orrego; Mayzie LaBird - Jessica Camano; Sour Kangaroo - Alana Moskowitz; General Genghis Khan Schmitz - Ben Fairbairn.
The Cat in the Hat (James Warner) with Jojo (Ithamar Silva)The Cat in the Hat (James Warner) with Jojo (Ithamar Silva)
Horton the Elephant (Julian Rauter)Horton the Elephant (Julian Rauter)
Bird Girls - Shannon Fairbairn, Sage Finkle, Sabrina Mauro, Itahy Silva, Katlynn Shamro, Lindsay Day and Nicole Brybag; Wickersham Brothers - Yair Sanchez, Danny Conroy, Tanner Reither and Ben Fairbairn; Jungle Creatures - Courtney Scheffler, Victoria Marin, Denali Finkle and Lauren Gil; Sabrina Mauro - Yertle the Turtle; Patrick Martin - Vlad Vladikoff; Who Children - Victoria Marin, Audrey VanBlarcom and Denali Finkle; Hunters - Kenny Johnson and Courtney Scheffler.
Cadets – Patrick Martin, Audrey VanBlarcom, Paige Credaroli, Kansas Shamro, Taylor Stake and Marissa Flynn.
The Mayor – Michael Conroy and His wife – Issis OrregoThe Mayor – Michael Conroy and His wife – Issis Orrego
Amazing Maizie  – Jessica CamanoAmazing Maizie – Jessica Camano
Chorus – Marissa Flynn, Kevin Johnson, Patrick Martin, Kansas Shamro, Paige Credaroli, Taylor Stake, Audrey VanBlarcom, Kenny Johnson, Lauren Gil, Denali Finkle, Victoria Marin, Courtney Scheffler, Shannon Fairbairn, Ithay Silva, Sabrina Mauro, Lindsay Day, Katlynn Shamro, Sage Finkle, Nicole Brybag, Yair Sanchez, Danny Conroy, Tanner Reither, Alana Moskowitz and Jessica Camano.
Member of the Production/Creative teams included: Stage Manager – William Powers; Sound – Fred Harris; Lights, Ed Sanford; Sets, Michele Dietz; Makeup – Hannah Tanzer and Carol Norwick; Hair – Kathy Johnson, Michele Dietz and Karley Morgans.
Stage Crew – Cora Bruno, Cooper Reither and Matthew VanValkenburg; Spotlights – Brandon Belaski and Annette Hogan; Orchestra – Richard Tucker (conductor), Robin White, Rebecca Maeder Chien, Sonja Beard, Connie McAfee, Marianne Schor, Leslie Roselli, Jody Condon, Carl Tucker and Dan Chien.