September 3, 2008: Logic is needed in resort issue


To The Editor:
Let’s apply some logic to the issues on the table. A leaflet put out to garner public support for the Belleayre Resort project claims it will generate 90 jobs, paying an average salary of $56,463. Sounds good, but to create that average, the proposal balances top management salaries of $80-$130,000 against a bunch of $30-$40,000 salaries allocated to secretaries, assistant office managers, executive housekeepers, etc.
The leaflet claims that local schools offer “relevant” high school or college training programs. We’re supposed to assume that 90 local people have the right training (or prior experience at other “world class” resorts) to make them competitive for those highest ticket jobs. Or maybe we’re supposed to get busy and send our kids for expensive hospitality degrees from places like the Rochester Institute of Technology so they’ll be ready when the resort finally opens.
This kind of thinking is like trying to persuade the public that off-shore drilling or drilling in preserved areas will drive gas prices down right away when the entire contents of these reserves only amounts to three percent of what we need and it will take decades to put any of it into production. It’s like imagining that McCain’s continuation of the Bush war policies will make us safer when it will need reinstating the draft to meet military demands and we have more enemies now than when Bush took office. Just as the costs of more war are going to be paid by hungry children, kids deprived of good schooling, people without health care, and elders on fixed incomes, the ultimate costs of the Belleayre Resort will come out of the pockets of every single property owner in our area.
Maybe someone you know (like that hard-working single mother with the teaching degree and waitressing experience mentioned in the leaflet) will be lucky enough to become a general manager or a human resources director at the Highmount Hotel.
And maybe your teenage sons or daughters will escape coming home from the next war damaged in mind or body (and without their promised combat pay or veterans’ benefits, just like those who are fighting Bush’s war in Iraq right now).

Hertha Schulze,