September 17, 2008: Gillibrand's record speaks for itself


To The Editor:
Two years ago, an historic upset victory election swept Kirsten Gillibrand into Congress representing us all in the 20th district. In her first two years she has worked to lower property taxes. She has fought to get our veterans the benefits they deserve. In just two years, Kirsten has brought home over $20 million in funding for vital projects upstate. Kirsten Gillibrand voted to limit the power of lobbyists. She has fought for children’s health care (SCHIP) and to improve education for our children.
She was the first member of the New York Delegation to stand against driver’s license for illegal immigrants and she does not approve amnesty for illegal immigrants. She was the first member of Congress to publish her daily schedule on-line. As member of the Armed Services Committee she has fought hard for our veterans. On the Agricultural Committee she has brought new support to our farmers.
Now it is our turn to support Kirsten in her bid to continue her efforts for all of us. This Saturday, Sept. 20, from 2-4 p.m. a fund-raiser for Kirsten will be held at the beautiful Thomson Farm in Thomson Hollow, New Kingston. Just go to New Kingston and follow the red, white and blue balloons. Enjoy food, beverage, music and the beautiful surroundings. For information or to RSVP, NewKingstonfor
We extend a special invitation and appeal to our neighbors and friends who love their Delaware County home but who may not vote here: Please come and be included in this important effort! We need your voice and support! This is an opportunity to help shape the future of the community and the country we all love so much.

Michael Moriarty,
New Kingston