September 10, 2008: Candidate thinks outside the box


To The Editor:
It certainly was a breath of fresh air in our country to see on television last Wednesday evening a family that has lived out and continues to live out publicly the principles of working and hanging together through “thick and thin.”
What a marked contrast to what much of television production which so often portrays a mockery of the kind of family values and relationships that we see in Sarah Palin’s family.
I also thought that it was interesting that both Senator McCain and Mrs. Palin have not always been slavish followers of their own political party’s leadership.
Mrs. Palin cleaned the political house of her own Republican Party in Alaska. Senator McCain has sometimes supported and worked with Democrats to pass legislation that was not too popular with some Republican leaders. This would certainly help to get Congress doing the job that we elected them to do.
I guess that Senator McCain saw that Sarah Palin was a fellow political maverick who put country ahead of political party loyalty. They both seem to think “outside of the Box.” Hopefully it will inspire others to do the same things.

David R. Scudder,